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To register call: Nancy Stilson-Herzog @ 970-231-7201


Or email:


Workout Class Time: 5:45 pm – 6:45 pm



Workout Days: Monday / Thursday


Instructor: Nancy Stilson-Herzog


All classes held at The Other Club Fitness Center in Fort Collins unless noted. 


The Your Health Matters Nutrition Class is a 2-day intensive program (Sat. & Sun.

10:30 am - 4:30 pm) that runs seasonally 4 times a year: Winter, Spring, Summer,

& Fall. Class times and locations are announced in the YHM Newsletter. 


6 Week Series


Group 85

Fitness Only

                                                    Thursday, December 19th - Thursday, January 30th


Group 86

Fitness Only

Monday, February 3rd - Thursday, March 12th


Group 87

Fitness Only

Monday, March 16th - Thursday, April 23rd


Group 88

Fitness Only

  Monday, April 27th - Monday, June 8th


Group 89

Fitness Only

                                                              Thursday, June 11th - Monday, July 20th


Group 90

Fitness Only

  Thursday, July 23rd - Monday, August 31st


Group 91

Fitness Only

Thursday, September 3rd - Monday, October 19th


Group 92

Fitness Only

 Thursday, October 22nd - Thursday, December 3rd

Group 93

Fitness Only

 Monday, December 7th - Thursday, January 21st

2020 Your

Health Matters 

Fitness & Nutrition

Class Schedule

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