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Fitter Fort Collins is a lifestyle and health program committed to educating the community about the health benefits of proactive self-care through science based wholesome nutrition and fitness for life, and serves the Fort Collins and surrounding communities.


The program is designed to benefit community members struggling with the effects of the Standard American Diet that often results in lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, gall bladder disease, high blood pressure, certain cancers, and more. After extensive research and involvement in the Health and Wellness community, Fitter Fort Collins has determined that there is a dire need for a science based, easy to follow program providing vital information to the demographic ready to make changes in their health and wellness. Our philosophy is to help people understand the consequences of poor lifestyle choices, starting from where they are, and helping them make the necessary steps to prevent, or improve health while benefiting our planet and community simultaneously.


Fitter Fort Collins program components include education and support in plant based nutrition, progressive fitness instruction, behavior changes / emotional support, and information on the global benefits of eating whole foods. The community has access to the program through this website, health related workshops and fitness classes. 


Fitter Fort Collins operates in cooperation with The Other Club Fitness Center. The success of the program indicates that education and social support is the key to behavior change. Participants of varying ages, race, sex, and economic status pay a nominal fee to take part in lifestyle education programs. A majority of the participants continue with the healthy choices they have learned to make. Some, with the help of their doctors, have been able to reduce or eliminate medication prescribed for lifestyle diseases (diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease / cholesterol, etc.). Some have chosen to adopt a pure plant based diet, the effects of which are predicted to have far reaching benefits to both the participant and the community.


Overwhelmingly, participants have reported satisfaction with the benefits of the program and some have chosen to enroll in the program repeatedly to assist and secure their new healthy lifestyle.


Fitter Fort Collins is designed to support community members improve their health and be examples to other communities.


Fitter Fort Collins Lifestyle and Health Program is operated by individuals with a lifelong commitment to health, wellness, and education with no financial ties to industry, or organizations that could negatively influence their mission.

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