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No matter what food a person puts in their mouth there is an automatic positive or negative response in the body that we have no control over.  Poor quality foods create a negative response and the result is inflammation in the body. The immune system kicks in to reduce the inflammatory response and heal the damage. Although a person may not feel this response, eating poorly meal after meal, day after day, week after week, month after month often develops as dis-ease over time. 


Nutrient dense foods provide a positive response in the body and fuels and feeds the tissue for overall health, lowering risk of disease.  Nutrient dense foods include fruits, vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, and whole grains.   


Foods That Increase Inflammation:

-  Refined and processed foods

-  Sugar

-  Oils

-  Meat

-  Dairy products


As Well As:

-  Too much body fat


Low Inflammatory Foods:

-  Fruits

-  Vegetables

-  Raw nuts and seeds

-  Whole grains

-  Legumes


As Well As:

-  Exercise

-  Adequate water

-  Reducing exterior stress


The Your Health Matters Nutrition Program teaches you how to fuel the body primarily with plant foods for optimal health. 

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