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Thank you! Fitter Fort Collins and Nancy have changed the way I think about food, exercise, and my health. Since joining Fitter Fort Collins and following the simple plan, I have lost over 50 lbs and feel better than ever! I forget to drink my caffein in the morning because I have so much real, natural energy because my body is getting what it needs. My bloodsugar levels are stable for the first time in my life AND I no longer have joint pain when I wake up in the morning! In fact, I have gone from being someone who couldn't walk very far without pain to someone who can run a 5K -- that brings tears to my eyes! I am down a total of over 100 lbs and I love having energy, being able to wear what I want to wear, and feeling better all the time. I can't recommend this program and Nancy enough. 

-Ruth O. 


I am 77 years old and my daughter talked me into following the Fitter Fort Collins Your Health Matters Nutrition plan. Seeing her success with the plan got me motivateted to give it a try even though I thought it wasn't going to be for me. Well, it was for me! I have been able to stop taking nearly all pain medication for arthritis because the pain is virtually gone most days. I can now straighten all of my fingers except my pinky and couldn't before. I am blown away and never knew that my arthritis that I've had for 30 years had anything to do with my diet. I have permanently changed how I eat and only wish that I could have known this information sooner. I am trying to convert the rest of my children to the Your Health Matters Nutrition plan! FFC is saving lives and making lives better.

-Nancy Paul


I just wanted to extend a warm thank you from our family to you. Thank you for the great program you have created, thank you for caring about the health of others, thank you for caring and for being so kind to our mom. We are so excited for her and the progress she has made. She has loved the classes and the community, and most of all the opportunity to work with you.  You are an inspiration, to us and to so many.

-Elisa and Rosemary (Brenda's Daughters) 


The Your Health Matters Health & Wellness program was new for me and out of my comfort zone.  A friend who had done the program before asked me to give it a try and I did.  It was really a great experience.  The small class/group setting was great and I felt it was really personalized.  I am on a long weight loss journey, 115 pounds lost so far, and the things I learned in the program will stay with me forever.  Nancy is a great trainer - very knowledgeable and patient. The Your Health Matters Health & Wellness program opened a new way of thinking for me.  Since the class I now make a vegetarian meal for my family at least once per week and I have cut back at least 80% on my dairy consumption and I no longer "force" my kids to drink milk, which was really hard for a girl who grew up on a dairy farm!  I really enjoy trying new foods and trying to find ways to make healthier substitutions - Quinoa is now a staple in our house. I'm proud to say that my entire family is healthier.   



Receiving messages about the Your Health Matters Nutrition Program helps me to stay more focused on proper eating and staying in control of my appetite.

I would like to say that Nancy is one of the most inspiring people around to get you motivated. Thank you Nancy.



Participating in the Your Health Matters Health & Wellness Programs were the best things I've done for myself in a long time. Since I turned 50 and started going through menopause, I have continually gained weight to the point that I was very frustrated. At my physical earlier this year, I discussed my frustrations with my doctor who suggested that I make an appointment with a nutritionist for guidance. When I saw the ad in Style magazine for the Your Health Matters program, I decided to act upon it because it also said there was a nutrition class offered along with it. Well, I found the answer to weight loss because of these two programs and I couldnt be more pleased. By making a change for life to my diet to include more fruits and vegetables and reduce my meat consumption dramatically, I have lost weight and inches and I feel so good. Not only did I learn how and what to eat, I also picked up some great tips about exercise.  

Nancy and Katherine were wonderful to work with and they taught me so much. I would highly recommend these programs to anyone looking for a healthier lifestyle.



Participating in Nancy's Your Health Matters Exercise & Nutrition Classes was truly a life changing experience!  I signed up for the program with the goal of losing weight, but was convinced immediately that we needed to make wholesale dramatic changes if we wanted to improve our health forecast.  Within a week of starting her program, we eliminated coffee, caffeine, sodas, artificial sweeteners, added fats, and all meat and dairy from our diet.  These items were replaced with a nutrient rich diet of a wonderful new variety of colorful fruits and vegetables and interesting and satisfying grains, beans and legumes.  Exercise has become a regular part of our lives, bringing a new energy and spring to our steps.  The weight is still coming off, my cholesterol is in the 130's after less than four months, and blood pressure is below the normal acceptable range.  The Standard American Diet is in fact a SAD state of affairs for our society and its health forecast.  My health forecast is bright thanks to Nancy's program!


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