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Pain Relief for Employees with Rossiter Stretching

Repetitive movements can increase muscle tightness and joint clogging, which cramps flexibility and mobility.  Limited range of movement prevents performing a move accurately, making a person prone to overuse injuries.  People not only need to stretch muscles but need to stretch connective tissue too.  


The Rossiter system is a series of two-person powerful stretching techniques that very quickly targets a volume of connective tissue to loosen and elongate it to relieve pain and to restore range of motion.  The client remains fully clothed on a mat on the floor, the coach uses a pin-and-stretch method using her foot to add weight to specific pain areas of the client’s body. Rossiter is deeper than stretching because when the tissue is pinned down the client can achieve a deeper stretch by moving.     


Who Does Rossiter Benefit? People who experience:

-  Neck, Shoulder, and Upper Back Pain

-  Arm, Wrist and Hand Pain

-  Elbow Pain

-  Low Back Pain and Sciatica 

-  Hip Pain

-  Knee Pain

-  Leg and Calf Pain

-  Foot and Ankle Pain


How Fast are the Results? 

Some symptoms ease within minutes, some take longer.  If the pain is new, you may need a 20 – 30 minute workout or two.  Longer, lasting, deeper pain may need more frequent workouts for longer periods.  Once you’re back to “normal” use Rossiter workouts as needed to stay supple and pain-free.  If you participate in on-going repetitive movements, you may need regular scheduled sessions to keep tissue loose for adequate circulation, blood flow and control. 


Certification: Nancy is a Certified Advanced Unit III, Pain Slayer Rossiter Coach


Rates: Call Nancy Stilson-Herzog at 970-231-7201 

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