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1.  Say goodbye to excuses.  Decide to not let anything stand in your way when it comes to your health. 


2.  Why do so many allow excuses to control their lives damaging their ultimate health, wellness and happiness.


3.  It takes time, discipline and hard work to make permanent life changes.  What a great investment of time.


4.  Reclaim your health and fitness in spite of busy schedules and the demands of life.


5.  There is no reason to sacrifice your well being.  Begin a new life course for yourself.


6.  Being the best you can be everyday is your primary focus. 


7.  When you make a distinct decision to do something, you will automatically choose every day to do what it takes to live a new, exciting, fulfilling life.


8.  DECIDE TO BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE!  Our bodies and minds are capable of much more than we think.


9.  You need an unconditional commitment from yourself.  It is great to have support, but you need to support yourself no matter what.


10.  The choice to be healthy is yours and solely yours.


11.  Stop pretending it's out of our control.  Gaining weight doesn't come about by accident  its not forced on us.  It's through a series of poor choices made on a regular basis over a period of time.  The same holds true to achieving health improvements.


12.  Do it, then talk. Just because you had a few good days does not make you the expert.  Do it, learn from it, then talk about it.  Take continuous action.


13.  Total life change requires the body, mind and spirit.  Otherwise its temporary willpower.


14.  Why we eat, its not just emotional, it becomes the obsession and then a hobby.  When we're desperate we do what we need to self-medicate.


15.  Things you have to understand before you change:

        a.  Overeating isn't just emotional.

        b.  Society isn't going to help.

        c.  Lying to yourself doesn't help.

        d.  Don't look to others for praise.

        e.  Don't buy your old excuses and justifications.

         f.  Don't wait for a sign.


16.  Give yourself straight talk.  Be totally honest with yourself.


17.  When you take a brand new outlook it's going to take time and is a process.


18.  Be sick of failure - put it behind you.


19.  How to keep from giving up: 

        a.  Remind yourself how miserable you were.

        b.  You are not done til all the weight is off - then you have to learn how to maintain it.

        c.  Even when life is difficult you can do it,  it's a matter of choice.



20.  Living a new life of health has unexpected twists and turns.  Remember you are the person you are today because of who you once were.


21.  Move!  You are meant to move.  Choose something you are willing to do as your activity most every day of the week.


22.  If you're not getting results, it's because you are not working the plan.


23.  You will feel hungry, hunger is your friend,  it lets you know you've metabolized your last mean and ready to fuel again.


24.  Educate yourself on health, give yourself continuous leverage.


25.  You don't have to be a super-hero, just consistent. It's not what you do some of the time that makes the difference, it's what you do most of the time.


26.  Expect disappointments and challenges and crisis, it's part of life.  Stick to plan no matter what.


27.  Become ferociously consistent.  Consistency without excuses is what forms new habits quickly.


28.  Food does not need to be a major source of entertainment, that's what family, friends, and shopping is for.


29.  Just as you plan on kids education and being a good student, you have to learn how to take the best care of them in regards to their health.  The epidemic is the parents who cannot say no and stick to it.  No more blaming the fast food industry, games on TV, commercials on TV, lack of PE in schools, our problems stem from us.  


Tips for overcoming the above (29): 

        a.  Figure out the flaws. It might be too much junk food in the house and not enough exercise.

        b.  Don't preach it, teach it.  Example: going for a bike ride gives us strong bones and muscles. Eating carrots  

supports our vision health.

        c.  Keep choices clean, always have their favorite healthy fruits and veggies available and prepared. Example: 

snack choices; apples and peanut butter, low fat popcorn, veggies with hummus, make it fun.

        d.  Make movement meaningful; shooting hoops, hula hoop contests, jump roping, swimming relays.

        e.  Saying no and yes means I love you.  Laying down the law is a responsible parenting skill.  There are times when treats are appropriate, it's just not often, then kids will appreciate it more and make better choices in the long run. 

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