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Wellness Workshops can be done for business, groups or teams. 


Contact Nancy Stilson-Herzog for details and rates, 970-231-7201.


Your Health Matters Health & Wellness Workshops teach individuals how to be proactive with their health, whether it is learning how to manage their bodies through exercise, stretching, or building core strength or, learning how to eat healthy.  


Class Topics Include: 

1.  Deep Tissue Self Massage with Foam Rollers.  Learn how to stretch tight tissue that can linger in the body.  You will learn how to loosen the hips, glutes, quads, hamstrings, t-band, upper and lower back, neck and chest using foam rollers.  Class time 1.5 hours.  Wear clothing that will allow you to move easily.  Handouts included. Foam rollers provided for the class.  Rollers can be purchased at the class. 


2.  Active Deep Tissue Stretching with Myofascia Small Balls.   Learn how to effectively use tennis balls and actively locate and relieve the aches, strains, and pain of deep tight spots that tend to trigger pain in the body.  You will learn to stretch deep areas of the hips, glutes, psoas, SI joint, hamstrings, t-bands, knees, feet, ankles, shins, calves, upper and lower back, neck, jaw, head, forearms, and hands using small balls. Class time is 1.25 hours.  Wear clothing that will allow you to move easily.  Handouts and tennis balls included.   


3.  Redesign Your Spine.  Suffering from back and neck pain? Tech neck, hump back, flat butt, rounded shoulders, or forward hips? Do you walk like a duck or are pigeon toed? This workshop will teach you spine correction methods that can easily be incorporated into workouts and your day to day living. Learn how to posture yourself at your computer, watch TV comfortably, how to sit in your car and even learn how to walk correctly.    Learn specific exercises that can be added to your current workouts that will open your hips/groin, develop glutes and upper back muscles that will allow you to posture correctly, make you feel stronger than you ever have and take stress off your neck, back and protect your body from injury and degeneration.  The class will include easy to follow detailed handouts for all the above mentioned.

4.  Effective Balance and Agility Training for Every Body.  Everyone can improve their balance and agility which will ultimately improve fitness level, decrease injuries and improve propreoception.  You will learn the basics and progressions to improved balance.  Implement these techniques at home using simple objects around the house or at the gym using balance balls and balance discs.  Class time 1 hour.  Wear clothing that will allow you to move easily.  


5.  Addressing Repetitive Use Injuries. You will learn how to address those nagging pain areas that can accumulate as a result of repetitive motion. You will learn how to manage and effectively stretch these injured tissues using small balls, foam rollers and specific stretching techniques. We will address pain in the elbow, wrist, neck, chest, shoulders, back, hips, hamstrings and ankles. Most exercises can be done easily during the day without effort. Handouts included.

6.  Your Health Matters Nutrition Class 2 Day Intensive. The Your Health Matters Nutrition 2 Day Intensive Program is designed to take participants a step at a time towards optimum health and wellness through healthy eating and fitness for life. Participants put into practice and learn pro-active healthcare, learn how to lower cholesterol and reverse heart disease, reverse type 2 diabetes, lower blood pressure, manage auto-immune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Hashimoto’s, lupus, fibromyalgia, etc.) improve bone health, decrease stress, manage gastrointestinal diseases and more. For a complete class description click here.


7.  Be Smart About Your Bone Health as it Relates to Exercise and Nutrition.  Learn how exercise, movement, and balance plays a key roll to your bone health.  You will also learn which diet and lifestyle habits drain calcium from the bones and how to build a strong healthy body.  Exercise and nutrition handouts included.   Class time 1.25 hours.

8.  Sports Nutrition for All Ages and Activities.  Whether you are the young competitive athlete looking for an edge or, the aged athlete striving to keep your edge, this session is for you.  Learn how to effectively fuel the body for peak performance.  The class includes tips for fueling the body before and after training sessions, before and after events, fueling for heats, fueling for recovery, and how to keep your immune system strong during intense training.


9.  How to Follow a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet for Optimal Health.  You will learn the importance of a healthy body pH, the 7 stages of acidosis, the 4 ways your body eliminates acids, how to tell if you're acidic, how to alkalize the body, what foods are alkaline / acid, and how to maintain alkalinity that builds healthy blood and a dis-ease free body and how to design menus to support a healthy body pH.  The workshop will include handouts, tastings and alkalizing recipes. 


10.  Superfood Demo. Learn how to implement Superfoods into your daily diet.  We will discuss the tremendous benefits of these foods and provide you with information, recipes, tastings and demonstrations.  Some of the Superfoods you will learn about and experience include: Goji berries, Raw Cacao, Aloe Vera, Noni fruit, Bee Pollen, Hemp seeds, Acai, Maca, Spirulina, Blue Green Algae, Coconut, Camu Camu just to mention a few. Come improve your health!  Demo will include easy and power packed unique salads, soups, sweets and smoothies.  Recipes Included. 


11.  Balance Your Foods and Flavors for Optimal Nutrition and Satiety.  There are 5 primary tastes that our tongues  perceive: sweet, salty, sour, spicy, and bitter. When we use a balanced combination of the 5 primary tastes it is satisfying to the tongue, thus eliminating the common risk of triggering the brain to a hyper-eating response. This workshop will teach you why these cycles happen, which foods trigger these responses and simple skills on how to break them.  You will learn do-able skills on how to balance your meals and snacks for optimal health and nutrition.  Workshop includes a useful handouts, recipes and tastings. 


12.  Your Health Matters Detox Programs; Another Step to Improved Health. Learn about detox diets.  What types are there? What are the benefits? How often? How long? When is it best to do a detox? What considerations are there? What is really happening in the body, is it really improving health? Nancy will include 4 different effective detox diets that can help your body rid excess weight if needed, reduce inflammation, improve energy, rid food cravings and improve your health. 

13.  About Pre and Probiotics and Your Health. You will learn the benefits of pre and probiotics and fermented foods. You will learn which probiotic strains assist in healing disruptions in the body (allergies, lowered immunity, antibiotic use, eczema, Crohn's & colitis, candidiasis, irritable bowel, ulcer's and much more). You will learn the best time to take probiotics, how to find a good probiotic and about the strains and species that are needed to benefit certain conditions.  You will learn how to build gut flora and heal the gut and the latest research on the importance of pre and probiotics, how it’s essential for a healthy immune system and how it supports your mental health.  Enjoy tastings and recipes implementing these wonderful power packed foods.  Thorough handouts included.  Class time 1.5 hours.

14. About Sea Vegetables. What an amazing nutrient profile sea vegetables have. When compared with land vegetables, you will learn they have 10 to 20 times the mineral content including iodine, calcium and iron. You will learn their important health benefits and how to easily add them to your diet. Enjoy tasting and recipes with these wonderful nutrient packed foods. 

15. How to Eliminate Inflammation from the Body. Learn the root causes of inflammation, how it progresses, and how it can eventually cause dis-ease in the body. You will learn key ways to reduce and even eliminate inflammation through good nutrition, exercise and stretching methods. Handouts, recipes and tastings included. 

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