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The health of our planet is a great concern.  Nothing changes the face of our planet more than how we produce our food. It has such an impact on our environment, on other people, and on billions of animals.    


Here is a list of Fitter Fort Collins top recommends for learning about the ethical consequences of what we are eating and how we produce it.  


John Robbins - Bestselling author, social activist, and humanitarian. On his website you’ll find information and resources to help you make life choices that enhance your health, nourish your spirit, and make the most of each stage in your life’s journey.

The World Peace Diet - Dr. Will Tuttle -

Zach Bush MD -

Farmers Foot Print - Farmers Foot Print is a movement to accelerate regenerative food systems as a means to restore human and planetary health.


PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is the largest animal rights organization in the world.


HFA - The Humane Farming Association is the nation's most effective organization dedicated to the protection of farm animals.


Eating Animals - Jonathan Safran Foer -

The Future of Food distills the complex technology and consumer issues surrounding major changes in the food system today - genetically engineered foods, patenting, and the corporatization of food - into terms the average person can understand. It empowers consumers to realize the consequences of their food choices on our future.


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