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Your Health Matters Nutrition Class Series  (7 Weeks / 1.5 hours each class)


The Your Health Matters 2 Day Intensive Nutrition Program offers you the most health information possible in the shortest amount of time.  This intensive weekend can jumpstart you to a whole new level of healthy living. 


Bridge the gaps between exercise, nutrition and behavior modification.  Learn the science behind food and its effects on your health, and how a plant-based diet will dramatically improve your health and decrease or even reverse chronic disease.


Learn how to lower cholesterol and reverse heart disease, reverse type 2 diabetes, lower blood pressure, manage auto-immune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Hashimoto’s, lupus, fibromyalgia, etc.) improve bone health, decrease stress, manage gastrointestinal diseases and more.


Classes include: The Your Health Matters Nutrition Manual which includes exercise programs and tracking logs, the Your Health Matters FAST Track to Optimal Health Manual which includes meal plans and tracking logs. Meals and recipes will be provided during the weekend.


Classes taught by Nancy Stilson-Herzog, who is a certified lifestyle medicine health and wellness coach and certified personal trainer.


Nutrition Class Topics:

1. THE INNER WORKINGS OF YOUR BODY as it relates to exercise and nutrition. You will gain an understanding of metabolisms, why our bodies are meant to move and exercise, and the process it takes to get fit and how to progress your fitness if health issues are a concern. Learn the significance of plateaus and how to push through a plateau safely. We will address the bodies immediate response of the foods we eat and the damaging inflammatory responses of certain foods. We will discuss the progression of dis-eases, how you can reduce inflammation and fuel your body for healthy living.

2. FOOD POLITICS, FOOD IS A BIG BUSINESS AND BECOMING AN EDUCATED CONSUMER. Learn who you can trust when it comes to health information. We will define what moderation is as it relates to your health. We will discuss health myths, how to improve your bone health, grocery shopping, dining out tips and our recommendations for fast foods and healthy snack ideas for kids.

3. FOOD ADDITIVES AND READING FOOD LABELS. We will look at common food categories like cereals, pastas and breads and evaluate their nutrition content. We will cover food additives and chemicals and assess their safety and precautions.

4. WHAT FOODS CAN DO FOR YOU. You will learn the tremendous benefits whole plant foods, the benefits of phytonutrients, nuts and seeds, whole grains, enzymes, sea vegetables, pre and probiotics, digestive health, preserving nutrients, reheating, freezing, defrosting methods and tips, use of herbs and spices, omega 3’s and 6’s in proper balance, healthier meal ideas made easy and more.

5. THE HEALTH OF OUR PLANET. Learn how plant based eating helps the health of our planet and discuss “The Comparative Anatomy of Eating.”

6. BREAKING HABITS, EMOTIONAL EATING, BEHAVIOR & LIFESTYLE CHANGE. We will discuss strategies for overcoming emotional and stress eating, breaking patterns, the dangers of sugar, fat, and salt addictions and committing to a healthy lifestyle. We will discuss strategies to help you stay on track, what to do if you get off track and how to continually put into practice what you’ve learned.

7. YOUR HEALTH MATTERS FAST TRACK TO OPTIMAL HEALTH NUTRITION PROGRAMS, MEAL PLANS, GOAL SETTING & TRACKING OPTIONS. You will learn to lose or gain weight if needed, lower cholesterol and triglycerides, balance blood sugars, improve digestion, eliminate food cravings, and obsessive eating, decrease inflammation, decrease, or eliminate medications. You will learn to time your meals, master your portions, eliminate habitual eating patterns, improve energy. You will learn to balance your nutrients: vegetables & fruits, beans & legumes, grains, nuts & seeds, water, pre & probiotics, and sea vegetables.

Throughout the class you will enjoy FOOD TASTINGS & DEMONSTRATIONS. Enjoy and experience the tastes of nontraditional whole grains, fruits, and vegetables in unique combinations. Receive the recipes of the food demonstrations.

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